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Weighing Scale Calibration

Weighing instruments/scales/balances, are widely used in industry for various measurements. As with any measurement instruments, weighing instruments should also be calibrated regularly to assure that they are measuring correctly and accurately. As a result of regular use, a weighing scale could lose its accuracy over time. A proper metrologically traceable calibration is the only way to know how accurately weighing instruments are measuring.

Calibration is necessary to achieve accurate results as well as precision. Periodic calibration helps in identifying and critical damages or permanent wear and tear. It assists in adhering to statutory regulations and improves cost-effectiveness as there will be fewer incidences of waste or rework due to weight inaccuracy.

Our Test Weights

Choose our OIML R111 test weights to check the performance of your weighing devices in the range from 1mg to 100kg in all accuracy classes. At UniCal, we use high precision weights – Class F1 and we will help you to keep your weighing equipment in a great condition.

Frequency of calibration

Determining the frequency of calibration depends upon the environment and how often the weighing scale is used. If your weighing scale is continuously subjected to loading and unloading for several shifts, then such scale will require a shorter calibration interval. However, it is always recommended by experts to use well-calibrated weighing scales to eliminate risks associated with faulty readings.

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